Dear Friends,
Welcome to our SEA website. Since 1972, Soledad Enrichment Action (SEA) has dedicated itself to addressing the unique needs of the educationally disadvantaged. We whole heartedly believe that every youth, if provided an opportunity at home and school, has the potential to succeed.

Over the years we have found many ways to enhance a youth’s ability to achieve his or her full potential through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. Our agency focuses on the least privileged economically disadvantaged youth that come from low income families.  Some students have been raised in challenging neighborhoods and a difficult home environment. This phenomenon has created a generation of at risk youth who are experiencing difficulties at home and school.  For most students coming to our education centers, SEA represents their only chance to succeed in life.

As you visit our website, we hope you find our holistic approach to each student informative.  At SEA, we believe that through a collaboration of families, schools, and communities, we can put at-risk youth back on the path of success.


Cesar Calderon
Executive Director


The mission of Soledad Enrichment Action is to provide education, job training, and counseling services to youth and the parents who have been unsuccessful in receiving and benefiting from traditional educational services.


Since 1972, Soledad Enrichment Action, Inc. (SEA) Education Centers have provided high-risk youth and their families alternatives to gangs, drugs and violence by providing them with alternative high school and parenting education services, mental health therapy, drug & Alcohol counseling, field trips and after school tutoring including arts and crafts activities. The SEA Program was originally Founded in 1972 by mothers from East Los Angeles whose sons had been killed by gang violence.

The centerpiece of our program is the SEA Charter School, a California Public Charter High School for high-risk youth.  SEA’s main goal is to reduce school drop out rates and increase high school graduation rates among high risk youth who have either been expelled from or have dropped out of their home school and are likely to test significantly below their peers academically. The youth that enter this program do so with the knowledge that it is likely to be the last chance they have as adolescents to turn their lives around. These youngsters come from poor neighborhoods with entrenched gang structures. They and their families tend to suffer from one or more afflictions including poverty and unemployment, domestic violence, substance abuse, cultural displacement, teen pregnancy, delinquency and lack of education. SEA addresses the needs of youth in a holistic manner and enlists the support and efforts of the entire family in solving the problems of high-risk youth. We believe that as the family dynamic becomes healthier and stronger, their children will be less likely to engage in negative behavior.

The SEA Charter School opened in August 18, 1997 after receiving the unanimous approval of its special legislation by both houses of the legislature, the signature of approval of Governor Pete Wilson and final authorization by the Los Angeles County Board of Education. The SEA Charter School is an outgrowth of the alternative school program that began shortly after 1972. SEA’s high school program provides individualized study in a classroom setting and serves youth in grades nine through twelve. With a high staff to student ratio and comprehensive support services, SEA is able to provide the individual care and attention high risk youth need to catch up on their class work and return to their neighborhood schools or, if that is not possible to complete their high school education with SEA.


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  1. Is this what our town realy needs . How can anybody build a place like this anywhere without somekind of Commity Aproval. This is what they are doing with the Tate Ranch .

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